Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

Get a cash payment and stop paying costly premiums

Sell your life insurance policy

Get a cash payment and stop paying costly premiums

Cash out life insurance


A Life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies are considered as an asset, like a home or a car, and you as the policy owner can sell it and receive a cash payment for the policy’s market value.

The policy could be sold to life settlements companies and the process is regulated in most states.

As soon as the ownership transfer is completed you will no longer need to pay any premiums and can receive the cash payment. Learn more about why should you sell your policy and the differences between providers and brokers in our blog.


of seniors would have considered a life settlement if they had known it was a possibility


A life settlement can equal as much as 8 times a policy’s cash surrender value (the minimum you will get from your insurance company if you stop paying premiums)


of people lapse their policies without a cash benefit because they are unaware that selling is an option

Who qualifies for a life settlement?

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Why should you sell your life insurance?

You might want to consider getting a life settlement if you meet the following criteria: 

  • You no longer require life insurance.

  • You require cash in order to invest in another opportunity.

  • You can no longer afford the premiums.
  • You are facing financial hardships, including major health expenses, and need to access funds.
  • You are unable to offset the costs of long-term care insurance, or require an alternative to a long-term care rider on life insurance.
  • You wish to enjoy your retirement years by enhancing your income.

How to sell your life insurance:
A Step-By-Step Guide to life settlements

At Sequoia Settlements, we are here to guide you through the
life settlement process — offering you the solutions, services, and support so you could maximize the revenue from your policy.  

1. Preliminary evaluation

Answer a few general questions about your health and your policy to determine if you qualify for a life settlement.

2. Research and information

With your permission, your broker will gather your medical records and life insurance policy information in order to calculate the value of your policy.

3. Valuation

Receive a formal purchase offer, based on the value of your policy. Decide whether to accept, reject, or counter the offer.

4. Closing

Receive the documents required to complete the transaction, also known as a closing package. Sign and return the documents to the appropriate contacts for processing.

5. Transfer of ownership

Accept the change of ownership through your insurance company. While the transfer of ownership is being processed, your life settlement funds will be held in an escrow account.

6. Receive your settlement

Receive confirmation that the change of ownership has been recorded. Receive your cash payment!

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